Saphir (RX)

Saphir Rx is a monthly or 3 month soft contact lens individually made with Silicone Hydrogel, the most advanced material on the market, which maximises oxygen flow to the eye. Its unique combination of comfort, breathability and vision quality suits even the most demanding contact lens user.

Available Spheric, Toric, Multifocal ja Multifocal Toric

Colored Saphir is also available (Novalens-colors)

Tekniset tiedot/Technical informations

Materiaali/MaterialSilicone hydrogel Filcon V3
Vesipitoisuus/H2O75 %
Halkaisija/Dia13.0...16,00 (0.50)
Kaarevuus/BC6.8...9.8 (0.3)
Vahvuus/Power+30,00...-30,00 (0,25)
Sylinteri/Cyl-0,75...-8,00 (0,25)
Akseli/Ax0-180 (1)
Add0.50...4.00 (0.50)
Pakkauskoko/Package1 kk: 1 kpl/pc, 3 kpl/pc
3 kk: 1 kpl/pc
Vaihtoväli/Period1 tai 3 kk/month

Product Sheet

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