Xtensa (RX)

Monthly Xtensa Rx is a hydrogel lens developed from proven hydrogel material. It features cylinders up to -5.75 adding a customisable toric range to the product family’s moulded offering. Available also multifocal. Excellent vision and comfort.

Xtensa contact lenses are available also colored (Novalens-colors).


Tekniset tiedot/Technical informations

Materiaali/MaterialFilcon IV
Vesipitoisuus/H2O55 %
Halkaisija/DiaToric 14.4, MF 14.3
Kaarevuus/BCToric 8.7, MF 8.6
Vahvuus/PowerToric: +6,00...-8,00 (+4,00/-6,00 jälkeen 0,5)
MF: +10,00...-10,00 (+4,00/-6,00 jälkeen 0,5)
Sylinteri/Cyl-0,75...-2,75 (0,50)
Akseli/Ax0-180 (10)
Pakkauskoko/PackageToric, MF 6 kpl/pc
Toric RX 3 kpl/pc
Vaihtoväli/Perios1 kk/month

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